Complexity made clear

3di works with organisations of all sizes, providing technical authoring, translation and localization services.

We can advise on the tools and processes you need. We love creating compelling and useful web content, and will make it easier to learn about, and use, complex products.

Technical writing

We make it easier to learn about, and use, complex products. Our content adds value to your product and improves the customer experience. We create manuals, online help, web content, blogs, and anything else you need.

Translation and localization

Beyond translating the words, 3di will help ensure your product delivers the same excellent experience to all your customers around the world. We help you hone your English to make it easier to translate, and provide processes and expertise that save you time and money.

Consulting and tools

Did you know you can reuse content to save on translation and updates? If you need advice on content strategy, content management, or technical writing processes, we can help. We can also help you select the right tools and recruit the best candidates for your technical authoring team.

Complex content services

We provide a complete service, tailored to your needs.

Our service includes consultancy, specialist management, top-of-the-range infrastructure, a pool of experienced, trained, and well-supported authors, and links to other specialist services like graphical design. And when you’re ready to take your business global, you’ll find we had that in mind from the start. We’re ready to help you take that next step with localization and translation services.

3di provides a service, not a resource. With us, you can raise your expectations – we’ll help you understand what your content and documents could really be doing for you, then we will deliver it.

Our Process

3di offers a unique combination of services because we know that when information is well designed, developed and delivered, it is more effective, more accessible and more easily understood by its audience.


We explore the needs and detailed requirements through conversations with the right people in your company, as well as by reading available materials and learning about your product.


We create the outline of a deliverable to explore how much work is needed, what roles should participate, and what materials we are going to require. We outline the steps needed to achieve the goal.


We create a wireframe or a sample deliverable, so we can get your feedback and refine the design. The outcome should be a fairly full design specification and detailed estimates for completion.


We do the actual work needed to complete the goal. We work in short iterations and get feedback as often as possible to adjust the course and ensure high quality.


We make sure you have all you need to keep using what we created. We give you all the source materials and code, as well as provide necessary training. If you would like us to maintain and keep developing your new assets, we can of course do that too.

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Work for 3di

Junior Technical Writer – Krakow, 3di Poland office

Are you considering moving to a career in technical writing? Or perhaps you have a little bit of experience and would like to learn more about the profession? We are expanding our team in Krakow and looking for new entrants who want to learn the trade while working for a large client. see more

Operations Director – Krakow, 3di Poland office

We are looking for the right individual to lead the operations of the Polish branch of 3di. This is an executive positon, suitable for somebody with experience running a company. The job revolves around managing resourcing, finance, sales and marketing. The director is part of the board and head of the Operations Department. see more

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