Complexity made clear

3di works with organisations of all sizes, providing technical authoring, translation and localization services. We also advise on tools, redesign websites, and build complex learning solutions.

Technical writing

We explain complex products. We bring your products closer to the consumer market. We write manuals, online help, websites, blogs, and anything else you need.

Translation and localization

Apart from simple translation, we offer localization which means solving problems of the overall content creation process as it serves translation. Different langauge versions of your product wil need more room for the text (German words are longer than English) and they may use different naming or even a different set of features. We think about all that for you.

Consulting and tools

Did you know you can reuse content to save on translation and updates? If you need advice on content strategy, content management, or technical writing processes, we can help. We can also help you select the right tools and recruit the best candidates for your technical authoring team.

Complex content services

Whatever your priorities are, you should focus on those, and leave other things to business partners. Here at 3di, we want to make sure you do not get distracted managing all your providers of content related issues, so if you need it, we can host your website, arrange for a new logo, prepare videos and webinars, organise training sessions, prepare printed materials, and more. We take away the headaches so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Our Process

3di offers a unique combination of services because we know that when information is well designed, developed and delivered, it is more effective, more accessible and more easily understood by its audience.


We explore the needs and detailed requirements through conversations with the right people in your company, as well as by reading available materials and learning about your product.


We create the outline of a deliverable to explore how much work is needed, what roles should participate, and what materials we are going to require. We outline the steps needed to achieve the goal.


We create a wireframe or a sample deliverable, so we can get your feedback and refine the design. The outcome should be a fairly full design specification and detailed estimates for completion.


We do the actual work needed to complete the goal. We work in short iterations and get feedback as often as possible to adjust the course and ensure high quality.


We make sure you have all you need to keep using what we created. We give you all the source materials and code, as well as provide necessary training.

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