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User guides

How to do anything – a quick fashion parade of unusual user guides

by Jakub Wiśniewski • 18 July 2017

Technical content is older, more versatile and more ubiquitous than we tend to think. Whatever piece of equipment or software you take, there’s a great chance that it has some sort of documentation to it. What does it mean? Among other things, it means there are plenty of unusual, unexpected, underappreciated user guides out there. […]

soap! 2017

soap! 2017: our report

by Michał Bochenek • 18 July 2017

All right, so this year’s edition of soap! is over. As always, there are some aspects that deserve the highest praise and there’s also that mythical room for improvement (actually, one of my all-time-favourites when it comes to corporate jargon). Oh, and just so you know: the fact that we were sponsoring the conference doesn’t mean that […]

Technical writing evolution

Technical Writing: Evolution

by Michał Bochenek • 4 July 2017

It’s really nice that more and more people are familiar with what technical writing actually means (NO, MOM, I’M NOT TRANSLATING!!) and that the term ceases to be so obscure. Yup, nothing worse than having to explain what you actually do at work every single time as a simple “I’m a technical writer” reply invites […]

Machine translation

Machine translation is already here

by Jakub Wiśniewski • 20 June 2017

The idea of machine translation has been around for centuries. It’s been brought up by such celebrities as Descartes and Leibnitz. It was the subject of patents for “translating machines” as early as the 1930s. Developed with the effort of innumerable scholars from the whole spectrum of science, it’s been gaining momentum ever since. Warren Weaver formulated goals and methods of machine […]


Dealing with “The review package does not belong to this project” error in MadCap Flare

by Michał Skowron • 13 June 2017

MadCap Flare allows you to create a review package containing topics and snippets and share it with reviewers for their feedback and changes. The reviewers’ changes are automatically tracked so you can easily see which parts of your content they modified. After reviewers insert comments or make changes to the files in a review package with Flare […]

A picture with a question mark

Tech comm industry in a survey

by Michał Bochenek • 30 May 2017

Roughly a year ago The Content Wrangler, an online magazine that is pretty well-known in the tech comm industry, published the results of their benchmarking survey. Tools, strategies, issues… the list goes on. Yup, they asked questions on, I guess, all the key aspects of your everyday techwriting work. So what did we find out? […]

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