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Mannequin challenge

by Jakub Wiśniewski • 8 December 2016

Well, it’s nearly impossible you haven’t heard about the mannequin challenge by now. I know, it’s been two months since the whole thing went viral, which for most of us equals eternity. We’ve seen them all frozen: Adele, Cristiano Ronaldo, even Paul McCartney. I’ve watched the one with Pope Francis but I’ve lost the link […]

Welcome to 3di

by Jakub Wiśniewski • 8 December 2016

Hi there! Techwriters, translators, information designers, content strategists, or just content geeks of all kinds* out there interested in our journey – welcome to the brand new 3di blog! What you’re looking at is our facelifted website that we’ve just kicked off. To be honest, I think the design is rather (i.e. completely) dazzling, but […]

Technical writer

by Paweł Kowaluk • 4 December 2016

Are you considering moving to a career in technical writing? Or perhaps you have a little bit of experience and would like to learn more about the profession? We are expanding our team in Kraków and looking for new entrants who want to learn the trade while working for a large client.