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Dealing with “The review package does not belong to this project” error in MadCap Flare

by Michał Skowron • 13 June 2017

MadCap Flare allows you to create a review package containing topics and snippets and share it with reviewers for their feedback and changes. The reviewers’ changes are automatically tracked so you can easily see which parts of your content they modified. After reviewers insert comments or make changes to the files in a review package with Flare […]

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Tech comm industry in a survey

by Michał Bochenek • 30 May 2017

Roughly a year ago The Content Wrangler, an online magazine that is pretty well-known in the tech comm industry, published the results of their benchmarking survey. Tools, strategies, issues… the list goes on. Yup, they asked questions on, I guess, all the key aspects of your everyday techwriting work. So what did we find out? […]

technical writing

Technical writing – what is it and where can I find it?

by Jakub Wiśniewski • 16 May 2017

Living in the XXI century, you’ve definitely come across technical writing at some point. But, you may have been unaware of it. Let’s take a brief look at what today’s technical writing is and what it means to all of us.

ASPIRE Knowledge Management Expert Group – Presentation of Artificial InteIligence Knowledge Management Solution

by Agata Moś • 5 May 2017

Artificial Intelligence in the past Steven Spielberg already knew what was coming in 2001 when he directed Artificial Intelligence: AI. This seems early, but when you start digging in the history of AI, it turns out the initial concept was already recognized in the Middle Ages. Forbes treated the matter of Artificial Intelligence history quite seriously […]

TCEurope Colloquium 2017, Technical communications at a crossroads - April 7th, 2017

Finnish technical writers are great – TCEurope Colloquium 2017

by Paweł Kowaluk • 27 April 2017

We visited the wonderful city of Helsinki, Finland, to attend TCEurope Colloquium 2017. Here’s what we learned about the Finnish tech comm scene.

Enter the soap!

by Michał Bochenek • 25 April 2017

If you’re a hungry for knowledge, tech-aware professional, the name soap! does surely ring a bell or two. Advertised as the best content conference in the CEE region, for three days soap! unites technical writers, e-learning experts, translators, information architects, content strategists, marketing specialists, product managers, software developers… you name it. And these three days are fully-packed with […]

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