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man reading a something on his microsoft surface

Here’s why you STILL need a software manual

by Paweł Kowaluk • 23 October 2017

The death of the software manual has been announced many times before, like in this article on the AOL website. (Just make sure you read it quickly, before the AOL website dies.) But contrary to trends and popular opinions, software manuals still exist and bring great value to users. Want to know why? Keep reading!

PLFUG #2: We heard some good Flare stories

by Paweł Kowaluk • 9 October 2017

On September 28th 2017, we met at TEA Time Brewpub in Krakow for the second ever meeting of the Polish MadCap Flare User Group (PLFUG). The theme was Flare Stories – and the attendees really rose to the challenge.

A picture showing a 'Googles must be worn' plate on a machine

How to create a user manual in two weeks?

by Aleksandra Wieczorek • 25 September 2017

You are about to bring out a revolutionary new machine for the world to see. Your engineers have put endless hours into analysis and design. You carefully manufactured and tested each part. The machine is nearly ready to go to markets all over the world. Now, you need to tell your users how to make […]

Project Manager

by 3di Poland • 21 September 2017

Are you considering moving to a career in technical writing? Or perhaps you have a little bit of experience and would like to learn more about the profession? We are expanding our team in Kraków and looking for new entrants who want to learn the trade while working for a large client.

make the user feel special

Artificial intelligence – can we deliver smart content without it?

by Paweł Kowaluk • 11 September 2017

More often than not, our customers opt out of a static table of contents. Their intuition is that people don’t want to search for content as much as they want content to find them. And the intuition is confirmed by data. In this article, we want to talk about building a knowledge feed without using […]

Software Localization

5 best practices for software localization what do you need to know before localization?

by 3di Poland • 11 September 2017

For every software development company, there may be a need for expanding and introducing their products to foreign markets. In order to achieve this, plan on Internationalization (I18N) of your software from the start. This basically means having the ability to add new languages to your software with greater ease and reduced effort. When developing […]

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